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Since its creation in 1967, ISG is working at arousing curiosity, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the taste for innovation for its students. Providing students with a quality academic and human experience which prepares them to become successful managers. Attracting people from around the world, our programs highlight the development of the ability to work in multicultural environments which are appreciated by companies.

Depuis sa création en 1967, l’ISG  travaille à éveiller la curiosité, l’esprit d’entreprendre et le goût de l’innovation à ses étudiants. Nous offrons aux étudiants une qualité académique et une expérience humaine leur permettant de devenir des entrepreneurs épanouis. Attirant des étudiants du monde entier, nos programmes ont pour but de développer la capacité à travailler dans des environnements multiculturels, qualité très appréciées par les enterprises.

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Bachelor in international management

Bachelor en Management International Visé bac +3

Institut Supérieur de Gestion – ISG


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All courses are taught in English or in French and English

 Type of degree : University Diploma (DU), stated-approved by the Ministry of Higher education Research and Innovation + possible dual degree with Middlesex Univerity (London, Greta Britain), Griffith College (Dublin, Ireland), or Dublin Business School (Dublin ,Ireland)


 Level obtained: Licence L3/Bachelor

 ECTS Credit: yes

 National Diploma: Yes

Management – Business Administration – Finances

 Length of program: 3 years – 2 intakes (September and February – Already completed coursework can be transferred – Contact us for further information.

 Last update: November 2021


Students must be high school graduates and must prove to have a sufficient working level in English

– International Baccalaureate or equivalent (British A-levels, German A-bitur, etc.)

– International High School diploma or equivalent

– Secondary studies diploma and SAT Scores


A Transfer Student is eligible to transfer credits once he/she has completed at least one semester in another Business School or University, in France or abroad. The admissions process remains the same but this student will need to provide a complete and detailed description of the curriculum followed (detailed transcripts and syllabi). Transferring credit is made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Dean.

 English proficiency

IELTS or equivalent test (TOEIC, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE,…) 5.5 FULL ENGLISH TRACK (100% in English) OR 5.0 PROGRESSIVE TRACK (60% in English – 40% in french only in 1st year) OR 4.5 FRENCH TRACK (20% in English in year 1, 50% in English in year 2, and 100% in English in year 3)

The following applicants are exempt from the aforementioned English proficiency requirements:

– Native English speakers

– Applicants who have done at least one year of undergraduate or graduate studies in English as full-time students within the last five years. Official documentation must be provided.

 French proficiency

Not necessary except for the French track. But the French  language courses are included in the program

 French course offered

The 3-year program focuses on courses providing knowledge on the pre-requisites needed to comprehend how businesses function and the choice of a major, namely, International Business, Finance, Marketing or Entrepreneurship. It includes internships and a period of study abroad (not compulsory, students can stay in France during the 3 years)


Our program develops in the students a systematic understanding of key aspects of the contemporary business world and its complexity. Students acquire coherent and detailed knowledge of methods and structures which, upon graduation, become highly sought-after skills and competences as future employees, employers, entrepreneurs, and members of complex corporations.


ISG BMI students complete the program with the open-mindedness, self-awareness, self-assurance, and cultural sensitivity to make rational decisions, work productively in diverse groups, communicate effectively, and understand the personal and professional interactions at play between people, practice, economics, business, governments and laws, finance, accounting, methodology, and employee and employer motivation. In this way, they become members of the international business community and move it forward.


9500 euros per academic year


Institut Supérieur de Gestion – ISG

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