IMT Nord Europe

IMT Nord Europe is one of the largest Engineering School in France. Located in the north of Paris, close to Brussels and London, we train engineers who will become future international leaders of men and experts in their field. We develop high-level teaching and research in science and technology in the following domains of excellence:

  • Digital Systems
  • Energy, Environment
  • Eco-Materials, Civil Engineering and Industry


Each year, in partnership with the University of Lille, IMT Nord Europe awards degrees to over 600 talented engineers, trained to anticipate economic and social changes. 2100 students can efficiently study thanks to a research center of almost 20,000m² and different sites dedicated to education and research. 


For its international students, IMT Nord Europe offers 3 Master’sprogramss fully taught in English:

  • MSc in Eco-Design and Advanced Composite Structures
  • MSc in Advanced Design and Management of Durable Constructions
  • MSc in Design and Management of the Industry 4.0 (new)


They are high-quality master’s degrees to boost employability in an international environment. Students benefit from the school’s research expertise and its close links with the business community. These collaborations are a token of quality in terms of technical skills as much as the soft skills developed while studying for one semester at IMT Business School in Paris. The graduate student will have a large choice of work opportunities from targeting a management position or assuming an operational role, to applying for a Ph.D. Our MSc students learn French thanks to cross-cultural courses, offering the opportunity to stay in France to pursue their careers.

Through these courses, we train engineers in key sectors for the industry in which there are a lot of job openings every year, and an indefinite number of opportunities in research and development missions as today’s challenges in terms of innovation and environmental stakes are prominent.


IMT Nord Europe is also accredited to award Ph.D.D degrees for 3 doctoral schools in Engineering and Environmental sciences.


For more information about the school and its programs, feel free to contact us during the fair or by email at

IMT Nord Europe for International Students